Volcano Coffee - Beans or Ground

Volcano Coffee - Beans or Ground

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Volcano Coffee Beans and Ground Coffee

Whole Beans, Filter, Espresso, Compostable Pods (10)

1kg bags available upon request 

FULLSTEAM (the blend we use) - Origin: Colombia Region: Risaralda 

Coffees from the local community are processed in a small-mill community based wet-mill where exceptional care is take to sorting coffee cherries by quality and ensuring precise scientific method is employed in the drying phase. 

The result is a delicious smooth milk chocolate taste profile with undertones of ripe stone fruits that are reminiscent of fresh nectarines and apricots.

THE MOUNT - Origin: 50% Brazil, 20% El Salvador, 30% PeruThe Mount Blend is one of our most popular thanks to its low-acidity, subtle sweetness and the way it captures the rich flavours of South American coffee. You’ll taste silky milk chocolate, rich caramel and sweet red grapes from beans we sourced all over the region.

It’s grown by a selection of specialist, mostly family-run farmers in Brazil, El Salvador and Peru and roasted in small batches in Brixton to preserve the signature flavour.

DECAFOrigin: Peru Region: Chanchamyo, Junin 
You can really taste the nutty praline flavour, sweet muscavado and cacao notes in our Decaf coffee. We use a chemical-free CO2 process to strip the caffeine out of this coffee while preserving its well-rounded flavour.


(ground coffee, decaf and large bags may need to be special ordered and could delay delivery - contact us for estimated delivery day)