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Pretty Savage Bath Bomb

Pretty Savage Bath Bomb

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Locally Handmade Bath Bombs from Pretty Savage

Vegan Friendly

Choice or 2 Soaps and 2 Bath Bombs (please include your choices in the order notes, alternatively we are happy to put together a lovely selection)



Atomic Savage - eucalyptus and rosemary

Beautiful Savage - floral combination that can make your bath anything from a rockin’ deep blue to a bright purple.

Calm like a Savage - lavender and a lovely shade of purple

Cherry Savage - fruit flavoured and red to match

Tickin’ Time - bold, floral and blue 

Dharma and the Savage - hot pink and vanilla scented

Drop a Savage on Em - black bomb blend of myrrh and patchouli

Louder than a Savage - a happy yellow floral bomb


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